Access Audits

At Centre for Inclusive Living Perth and Kinross we provide walk-through access audits.

A walk-through access audit is where members of Centre for Inclusive Living P & K accompanied by their staff walk-through and experience a space or environment.

The Centre for Inclusive Living P & K staff take notes based upon the member’s experience and findings. This type of audit generally takes two to three hours to complete, depending on the type and size of premises or venue being audited.

Access audits can include

Wayfinding: Directional signage, maps and guides, etc.

Physical Features: accessible car parking, dropped kerbs, street surface, etc.

Visual Features: Tonal contrast and pattern, lighting, crossings, etc.

Example: The Golden Route

On the 17th of May 2023, the members of CILPK met with Alan from Perth Kinross Council to look at the ongoing plans for the Golden Route. After our meeting, the organisation did an access audit of this Route.

The Golden Route begins from Perth Train Station and ends at Perth Museum. It is used regularly by locals and tourists alike. The Perth and Kinross Council’s objective is to create clear points of arrival, make use of natural assets to improve the overall quality of streets, public spaces and key landmarks.

Centre for Inclusive Living P & K’s contribution will ensure that accessibility be improved as regards to the Golden Route so that it is easy to navigate for all. Our members shared their valuable insight regarding the route and hope that the improvements pave the way to a more inclusive community in Perth City Centre.

The Benefits of an Access Audit

Undertaking reasonable adjustments in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 the audits will help you to make the appropriate adjustments in keeping with good practice and going beyond the minimum standard, showing your organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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