Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

CILPK are currently providing disability awareness training to all Wheelchair accessible taxi drivers in Perth and Kinross.

This has been a great success and we have had comments from our members since to say the service provided has improved.

The training involves educating the drivers on independent living, the medical and social model, the importance of taxis and how to communicate with disabled people.  Our members attend the training to help answer questions from the drivers and also to put their points of view over.  There is a practical element to the training where the drivers work with our members who are in wheelchairs to put them in the taxi and secure them properly.  The discussions between the drivers and our members allows for barriers to be broken down and allow the drivers to be more comfortable when communicating with disabled people.

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Details of the companies that have gone through the training are below:


Phone Number

Entrance for wheelchair

Radio Taxis

01738 580058


JJ Tosh



Kevin Dickson


01738 630962


A and B Taxis

01738 446688

Side and Back

Peter Milne



Ian Montgomery




All taxis will charge the same price.  It does not matter the size of the vehicle.

If you would like to leave any feedback about the service you have received both positive and negative then please do so below.  This will help to make the service from taxi drivers as inclusive as possible.

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