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Train Travel

How can you book assistance for train travel

  • You can phone the dedicated assisted travel line
    • Phone – 08009122901
    • Text Phone – 1800108009122901
    • This line is open 7am-10pm 7 days a week
  • You can book in person at the train station
  • You can book online but this is not a live environment. A form needs to be completed and someone will then contact you. Click here for the form

What Assistance is Available 

There are many types of assistance available including help to board and alight the train, finding and changing platforms, entering and leaving the station and help with luggage.  

Click here for more information from Scotrail about the service offered

What do you do if the assistance is not there?

  • There is a call for aid button on the train which can be pressed to get the conductors attention
  • There are help points on the station platforms which can be pressed to get help.
  • When the conductor checks your ticket on the train you should make them aware that you need assistance so that they can check with the station you are arriving at that the appropriate assistance will be there.

Space on the train

  • Why is the wheelchair space always next to the toilet
    • It is legislation that everybody must have access to the toilet so it is the most accessible place for a wheelchair user to sit.
    • the toilet should always be kept clean 
  • Why is the space always shared with bikes/prams/suitcases
    • By law wheelchair users have priority over bikes, conductors should always make sure that the space is clear for a wheelchair user
    • Prams should always be folded away so that they are not encroaching on the wheelchair space
    • Suitcases should never be stored in the area for wheelchairs
    • If there are any issues then you should speak to the conductor on the train
  • Too small
    • Legislation dictates the size of the space for wheelchair users

Are there any areas for mobility impaired people to store adaptations?

  • Mobility aids are not covered in legislation as they are collapsible and the person is deemed somewhat mobile, they should not be stored in the wheelchair space

Priority Seats

  • The first seats in the saloon are priority seats which are a size determined by legislation to fit guide dogs and other aids. 
  • There is a known problem of people using these seats when they do not require them.  A priority card is going to be introduced to reduce confrontation and hate crime. 
  • There is a direct contact number on the train which is contactable by text which will alert the police if required, there is also cctv on the train.  Phone 0800 405040 or text 61016.

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If you encounter any issues on public transport in Perth and Kinross then please report it to us, without this we cannot feedback to the companies.

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