Self Directed Support

Information about Self Directed Support (SDS)

Self Directed Support Scotland Survey

Have you had help to sort out social care support?

Self Directed Support Scotland are doing research into the support people get when they need help to navigate and organise social care.

They want to find out about your experience of using organisations like [your organisation name] to get help sorting out social care.

If you have had help from us or a similar organisation over the past year, they would like to hear from you.

There is a short survey they would like you to fill in to tell them about your experience.

They will use the results from the survey to find out what works best for people when they need help to sort out their social care support, and if there are any gaps in where help is available.

The survey takes 10 minutes to complete online and is anonymous.

You can take part in the survey until Monday 1st April 2024

If you prefer to fill in the survey on paper or over the phone, you can contact Self Directed Support Scotland – more details at the link below.

Link to survey and more information: Link to the ‘By My Side’ Survey here

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