Public Transport

Public Transport

This event took place on Wednesday 14th December 2016 and was a question and answer session.  The questions were gathered from feedback received from our members on the topic.

The event was attended by representatives from Scotrail, Transport Scotland, Stagecoach, PKC Public Transport Unit and PKC Licensing.

Click on the different modes of transport below to see the answers from the event.  


    Train                                                            Taxis                                                             Bus           


Going Further

Scotland’s Accessible Travel Framework

Transport Scotland recently launched the first national Accessible Travel Framework for Scotland; a ten-year plan to improve travel access for disabled people.

The purpose of the Framework is to support disabled people’s rights by removing barriers and improving access to travel; and ensuring disabled people are fully involved in work to improve all aspects of travel.

Click here to see the Vision and Outcomes of the Framework

Accessible Travel Hub

Scotland’s one-stop-shop for accessible travel information and resources

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